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Medley Starting Block
Medley Starting Block
Medley Starting Block


Medley Starting Block

**On track to start shipping in Q4 2021/Q1 2022**
The Medley Starting Block is our state of the art starting block that features a truly innovative adjustable and modular accessory design. Feature highlights:
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24" x 30" platform
  • Plug and play design--can be installed as a replacement or new installation!
  • Fits most existing anchor setups for S.R. Smith, Spectrum Aquatics, Kiefer, and Paragon.
  • Comes with backstroke bar and movable step
  • Platform can be adjusted fore and aft
  • Step is vertically adjustable
  • Multiple anchor plate options - fit 90% of existing block anchors on the market!
  • Optional accessories: track start wedge and grab bars
  • Option to have platform/step/track start wedge surfaced in either anti-slip tape or anti-slip paint
  • Future option: Screen printed text/logos on platform
  • Future option: Modular starting system accessories (light and speaker)
  • Future option: Integrated reaction timing pad in platform

**Freight will be invoiced separately**

**If you place a deposit, you will be invoiced for remainder before shipping**


  • Q: What's up with the two different pricing options?
  • A: The list price of the Medley Starting Block is either $1900, $2050, or $2250, depending on which configuration you're looking at. It's currently open for pre-sale, so you have two options:
    • We're running a 10% discount during the pre-sale (which will go away once we start shipping to customers), so you can order the block for $1710, $1845, or $2025, depending on the configuration.
    • Alternatively, you can place a refundable 15% down payment now based on the full list price and we'll invoice you for the remainder when the blocks are ready to ship.
  • Q: When will the blocks start shipping to customers?
  • A: We're currently on target to start shipping them to customers in Fall 2021/Spring 2022, though that could be subject to change--several of our manufacturing partners went out of business in 2020 and it takes quite a while to spin up new partners, though that could be subject to change as our manufacturing partners reopen from the pandemic shutdowns. If you order during the pre-sale, we'll keep you up to date as we get closer to shipping out the starting blocks.
  • Q: How come I don't need to specify if I want a side or rear mounted step?
  • A: The step is user-configurable! You can decide where you want it mounted, right side, left side, or the rear, and mount it appropriately during assembly.
  • Q: What's with the three different configurations?
  • A: All right, we ship the block in three different configurations:
    • Configuration #1: Basic block consisting of the step, backstroke bar, and platform
    • Configuration #2: Same as #1 with the addition of grab start handlebars
    • Configuration #3: Same as #2 with the addition of the track start foot rest
    • Side note--after we launch, we'll also offer the track start foot rest as a standalone option, with pricing TBA.
  • Q: What's the deal with the future options?
  • A: We're still working on them! They will not be ready at launch, but we will eventually offer screen printing on the platform (so you can have your team/school logo on the platform), a modular starting accessory package so you can add LEDs and a speaker to our blocks, and an integrated reaction timing touch pad in the starting platform. The latter two options likely won't come out till 2022 or so, but will be available as standalone accessories that can be attached to any of our blocks.
  • Q: I've got Spectrum/Kiefer/etc blocks, what do I have to do to install yours as replacements?
  • A: Provided your existing anchor holes and deck are in good condition, you can install ours as plug and play! No custom manufacturing and long wait times, just tell us the manufacturer of the blocks you're replacing, the anchor offset from the water, and what anchor configuration you have (1, 2, or 4 anchors), and we'll include the appropriate hardware in your order. Our standard hardware will allow you to drop our block into approximately 90% of the starting block configurations out there, so unless you've got some bizarre setup or custom, non-standard blocks, we've got you covered!
  • Q: What about paying for freight?
  • A: If you order during the pre-sale, we'll invoice you for freight charges when the blocks are ready to ship out. After the pre-sale ends, freight will be calculated during your checkout.


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