Manufacturing is currently on hold due to Covid :-(

Who We Are

We're a small team of dedicated lifelong swimmers and swim coaches with one goal--designing and manufacturing high quality, competition ready, swimming pool equipment in the United States at a price that's right for all.

We believe that every swim team and aquatic facility should be able to afford excellent quality, state of the art pool equipment such as lane ropes, starting blocks, and pace clocks, whether you've got a small budget or can easily spend tens of thousands of dollars.

The Black Line Swimming team has a combined 150+ years and counting of competitive swimming and coaching experience, from summer league to USA Swimming, to the heights of NCAA D1 swimming and elite World level competition, to Masters swimming. We've coached and swum on small teams with less than 50 swimmers in ratty old facilities with ancient equipment all the way up to giant teams with 900+ swimmers in state of the art facilities with brand new, top tier equipment.

We're taking our combined wealth of knowledge, experience, and driving passion for the sport and using it to design, manufacture, and sell high quality, state of the art competition equipment that fits the budget needs of any swim team or aquatic facility.