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What products are you interested in?

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We here at Black Line Swimming have a ton of product ideas that we're incredibly excited to create!

In a nutshell, we've got a long list of product ideas that cover just about any type of competition equipment that stays at the pool--starting blocks, lane ropes, lane rope reels, pace clocks, power tower type products, and much more. We've also got some swim team/swim meet software we're either working on or will work on in the future. Our goal with all of our product ideas, ones we're currently working on or are in the backlog to work on in the future, is to create innovative, state of the art, easy to use products that are affordable no matter what your budget is.

We're a small team of uber-passionate swimmers, so we're going to launch in mid 2019 with a handful of products then work through our product backlog, releasing one new product at a time. At our current rate of designing/testing/manufacturing products, we probably won't finish creating all the current product ideas we have right now until some time in 2021.

That said, what products are you most interested in?


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