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We've been hard at work designing our Freestyle Pace Clock, which is currently on track to start shipping in Spring 2020!

I'm sure we've all been in the situation of needing to buy a new or replacement pace clock and experiencing sticker shock when looking at the pace clocks on the market from the big boys, Colorado Time Systems, Daktronics, etc. We're a very lean and nimble organization, so our costs are way lower than theirs...which means our products will also be much more affordable for y'all! Even at our much lower price point, you're not sacrificing anything--you're going to get state of the art functionality as well as some industry-exclusive features that set our pace clocks apart from the competition.

Here are some of the feature highlights of our Freestyle pace clock:
  • 12" LED digits (largest on the market!) with 100m+ visibility
  • Changeable display colors - blue, red, white, green, etc
  • Multiple mounting options - tripod, keyhole, and 100mm VESA
  • Comes with detachable carrying handle and feet
  • Weatherproof and can be used/mounted indoors or outdoors
  • Runs on AC power or optional ~8 hour battery (a larger capacity battery will also be an option)
  • Syncs wirelessly with other Freestyle pace clocks
  • Ability to update firmware to allow for future functionality enhancements
  • Weighs approximately 10 lbs without the battery, roughly 11.5 lbs with the battery
We're planning to open up preorders for the Freestyle pace clock in the next month or so (we're currently wrapping up the prototyping process), with full production starting in Q1. Preorders will come with a 20% discount off the list price.

We've got two more pace clocks teed up for development and release later in 2020, both of which have the same core functionality of the Freestyle, just different form factors and extra features:
  • Freestyle Mini: Fully waterproof, submersible pace clock with 9" digits and a weighted base. It can be set on the pool deck or even submerged (and mounted on the bottom of the pool or attached to the pool wall) so swimmers can see the pace clock while swimming, ideal for monitoring paces during long sets!
  • Freestyle Micro: Fully waterproof, submersible personal travel pace clock with 6" digits and a weighted base. A further scaled down version of the Freestyle Mini, this one is ideal for traveling swimmers who might be training at a pool that doesn't have a pace clock.

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  • Interested in freestyle clock
    Please provide pricing

    ALbert RUkosuev on
  • Keep me updated on your new pace clock prices and details. Availability date would be helpful also.

    Richard Raab on

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