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Here's our product roadmap!

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Hey fellow swim geeks!

We've put together our product roadmap for y'all to peruse. This shows all of the products we've currently got in our backlog and when we hope to launch them.

To be totally up front, beyond the products we've got listed for release in 2019, everything is pretty much up in the air. As I've mentioned before, the Black Line Swimming crew is a small team and we don't have the resources to throw a bunch of time, manpower, and money at quickly developing our products. Some of them will be designed very quickly, even in just a matter of weeks, while others will take months.

Take our starting block, for instance--we've been working on it for over a year, and are just now about to enter the physical prototyping stage. After we've tested the first prototype, we'll go back to the drawing board to address any design deficiencies we find during testing, then create prototype #2 and rinse and repeat until we've nailed the design, at which point we'll enter production and launch the product.

Some of the products we've got targeted for release in 2020 H2 might move forward to H1, and vice versa, and others might slip back to 2021. We'll keep this roadmap up to date, though, so you'll always see where our products stand as we work through the list!

One big note I want to call out--the products tagged with a question mark for the release date are ones where we've got a concrete idea for what the product will do, but we've got major design or technical issues to resolve before we can turn the idea into an actual physical or digital product. Some of 'em might turn out to be a relatively quick lift that we can crank out in a few months once we resolve whatever design/technical issues we've currently got with the product, others might take just as long as, if not longer than, our starting block will end up taking from initial concept to finished product.

Anyways, without further ado, here's our product roadmap:


Trello Board

Let us know what you think in the comments!

-Tim, Founder of Black Line Swimming

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  • Hi Jeff!

    Hmm, that’s actually a pretty complicated product. Besides the workout/interval loading stuff, which is pretty easy and will be released in our app next year, there would be additional sensors and programming required to operate the sensors to have it get splits. Off the top of my head, most likely a camera, as I don’t know of any remote sensors that would be able to judge splits with any kind of accuracy otherwise.

    Or, and this is something we’ve been looking into as we start sketching out our timing system, we could probably come up with a personal timing mat that you could temporarily attach to the wall that would interface with the clock and record splits that way. It would require that you have both the mat and the clock vs just the clock, but would most likely be less of an engineering challenge.

    Tim - Founder of Black Line Swimming on
  • We need a personal clock that we load our workout and send-off time into and it would tell us when to go, get our split and end time. Just for one swimmer one lane. It would sit on the edge and “see” us at every turn at that end and know when the swimmer finishes. How hard could that be?

    Jeff on

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